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The Wong Way Down Album Release: "Aint' Nothin' Wrong"

I am happy to announce today the release of the first Wong Way Down album entitled "Aint' Nothin' Wrong". This band is the best jazz group I've ever been a member of and it has been a great experience over the last couple years playing with these great musicians. The band is more of a collective and we have had many many tremendous guest musicians come through and gig or sit in with the band.

This album also represents works 11-16 of the 50-50 Challenge and instruments 16 and 17- Bb trumpet "Wynton" and flugelhorn "Lucky". I engineered and produced the album and I think it sounds super dope.

The album is available at all online outlets and you can listen for free on youtube here:

Track listing:

  1. Mr. Porter (N. Wong) 0:00
  2. Dubai City Shuffle (N. Wong) 6:58
  3. Oh How Creative You Are To End Your Set With Rhythm Changes (Callum MacKenzie) 12:14
  4. Story Book (N. Wong) 18:18
  5. Kat in a Hat (N. Wong) 29:04
  6. The Everyman (N. Wong) 38:16


Nate Wong - Drums, composition
Callum MacKenzie - Alto Saxophone, flute, composition
Farley Sangels - Trumpet (16), flugelhorn (17), audio engineering and production
Tjoe Man Cheung - Guitar (1, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Han Hau - Guitar (2)
Max McKellar - Bass

Liner notes:

The Wong Way Down is Hong Kong's hippest jazz band. Let's get my conflict of interest out of the way early on: I am a member of the Wong Way Down. But even if I wasn't I would say that the Wong Way Down is Hong Kong's hippest jazz band. With this album Nate Wong aims to prove that jazz is not just for the old and the affluent and the expatriate but for everyone else as well. Jazz is cool. It's fun to listen to. And it doesn't have to be stuck somewhere in the United States in the 1950s. Within these six tracks you will find that Jazz can be both accessible and modern at the same time; that it can be both commercial and energetic. The Wong Way Down is not just for people who listen to "Sunday at the Village Vanguard" and know who Tina Brooks is. The Wong Way Down is a jazz band for people who listen rock music, or EDM, or just like to party. And at the same time we never sacrifice the swing that beats at the heart of jazz. The Wong Way Down is the hippest jazz band in Hong Kong, and we hope you enjoy listening to our album as much as we enjoyed making it.


Band biography:

The Wong Way Down is an edgy and artistic swing band from Hong Kong that performs fast paced, high energy, original jazz music. WWD consists a motley crew of some of Hong Kong’s most prolific professional musicians with a wide range of backgrounds including members of HK Philharmonic, RubberBand and alumni of Berklee College of Music, Juliard and Musicians Institute.

WWD is led by drummer Nate Wong who is a Berklee Graduate, drummer of indie up comers Nowhere Boys and has performed with some of Asia’s most influential musicians such as Eugene Pao, Ted Lo, Sammi Cheng, Wei Xiang Tan, Yin Ng and Kajeng Wong to name a few.

In 2017 WWD released it’s debut album Aint Nothin’ Wong. WWD has performed in the HK International Jazz Festival, Zhuhai Music Festival, Guangzhou Opera House, Ecuador Jazz Festival, Freespace Happening and will collaborate with HK Sinfonietta in the summer of 2017.

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer is a musician, coach, philosopher and explorer committed to the pursuit of excellence, true artistic expression, self and universal discovery and the greater good.

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The Wong Way Down Album Release: "Aint' Nothin' Wrong"
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