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The 50-50 Challenge! My 2017 Orginal Music and Multi-instrumental Project

Hello everyone and happy 2017 and the Year of the Rooster!

After the great successes of the Charlier Challenge and the Creativity Challenge I have been seeking a new challenge that will encourage me to bring more creative content to the world.

Thus I commit publicly now to the 50-50 Challenge for the Year of the Rooster. My goal is to produce at least 50 socially conscious original songs or other pieces of music, and play at least 50 instruments while doing so.

It's an ambitious goal, for sure! But I am sure it will be an awesome project. I have for some time been looking to write more original material, and I also am always now looking to learn more instruments. The 50-50 Challenge is a great kick in the butt to do both.

This is nice to do in the Chinese Year of the Red Fire Rooster because the rooster is creative, vocal, socially conscious, and dependable. For more on the Rooster here's a article from Bangkok describing the rooster's connection to creativity.

Here are are rules I've set for this challenge:

1: Produce or compose original music for 50 selections.

2: The subject matter or energy of the music should be socially conscious and made with the greater goal of improving the world somehow.

3: Collaborations are encouraged as much as possible.

4: I will take a pretty flexible definition of what counts as a separate instrument. For example I play many kinds of trumpets- Bb trumpet, C trumpet, Eb, piccolo, cornet, flugel, etc. I will count them separately and will enjoy playing original creative music on horns I've only played classical music on before.

Also, significantly different techniques can count as different instruments, if the effect is really different. For example, lead vocals is different from rapping, and multi-phonics and plunger trombone is different than regular trombone. Also, singing in another language counts as another instrument!

I have already been working on music and will start releasing songs very soon! Have a great year everyone and best of luck on your creative pursuits! Please contact me with any collaboration ideas! I especially am looking for help in making videos to go along with the results of this project.

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer is a musician, coach, philosopher and explorer committed to the pursuit of excellence, true artistic expression, self and universal discovery and the greater good.

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The 50-50 Challenge! My 2017 Orginal Music and Multi-instrumental Project
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