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Standing Meditation for Grounding and Alignment

For Week 5 of the Creativity Challenge I would like to share some thoughts on grounding and offer a basic guided meditation for grounding and alignment.  As in all practices, I believe that fundamentals are most important, and grounding is the most fundamental of energy techniques.  Grounding is also one of the easiest energy practices and should be instantly helpful for those of us today who are feeling overstimulated, overwhelmed and rootless in today’s ungrounded modern world.

Grounding used to be built into the human experience, as our ancestors walked around all day on the bare earth, got plenty of physical activity, clean natural food, lived with their families all their lives, and were not victims of too much worrying about the future or the past.  This has changed with the modern era.

The human nervous system is a energetic wiring system that is at least hundreds of thousands of years old.  Our wiring was not designed to handle the stresses of the modern era.  Today’s huge cities, excessive worrying about hypothetical future events, old unexpressed emotions, electromagnetic pollution, violence in the media, limited physical activity, limited real human social connection, and lack of physical contact with the earth, means that most of us are suffering from extreme nervous system overcharging.  This causes muscle tension, pain, premature aging, stress, negative emotions, feelings of rootlessness, emotional numbness, and a host of other negative side effects ranging all the way to death or worse, if you ask the Buddhists.

The best way to treat this condition is to get grounded.  When we are well grounded we feel that we have a solid foundation to weather life’s storms and a connection with the fundamental energy of nature.  Grounding serves to discharge some of this excess energy from our nervous system into the ground, and just like a lightning rod protects a house from lightning damage, a grounded life will protect us from being damaged by the energetic attack of the modern age.  We do this through our feet, which are designed as the main connectors of humans to the ground.

The principles of grounding and sinking our energy downwards are thousands of years old and best developed by the Chinese qigong masters.  This standing meditation is based on some of those principles with some imagery developed by me, although in no means original.  This is an ancient practice.

I have also included a little bit of alignment imagery in this meditation, as once we are grounded, we can start to use the energy flow this creates to straighten up our spines, energy flow, and connection within our bodies.  This meditation also includes binaural beats in the theta frequency of 4.5Hz which will help get our minds into a proper relaxed states, so headphones are recommended.  Special thanks to Meditative Mind for providing the root chakra music in the background of this video.

We can use this meditation anytime and anywhere for instant relief from stress, anxiety, fear, anger, and any other energies we wish to let go.  It is best to do this meditation first thing in the morning with bare feet on the ground and in nature, and even better to do on the beach as I do in this video.  However even doing this in our living rooms will provide great benefit if practiced with some diligence.  Please enjoy this meditation regularly and see the difference it makes in your ability to handle the many challenges that modern life brings for us.

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer is a musician, coach, philosopher and explorer committed to the pursuit of excellence, true artistic expression, self and universal discovery and the greater good.

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Standing Meditation for Grounding and Alignment
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