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One Love's "The Five Elements" Album Release

For works #4-10 of the 50-50 Challenge I am happy to announce the release of One Love's first album, "The Five Elements". This album is an original composition conceived by me and developed and composed by the One Love Band. It's available at all online retailers including iTunes and Spotify.



This album has seven selections of original music- Earth, Air, Thunderstorm, Water, Ether, Fire, and Worm Moon Rising. On the album we all play many instruments, and for the 50-50 Challenge, this album represents works #4-10 and instruments #7-15.

4: Earth: Conch Shell (7), Shaker Rattle (8) Shofar (9), vocals, Ubass "Vic"
5: Air: Mini glockenspiel (10), ocarina (11), whistling (12)
6: Thunderstorm: Palms (13) ocean drum (14)
7: Water: Udu Drum (15)
8: Ether - none
9: Fire - Ubass, vocals, ocarina
10: Worm Moon Rising - none

About the works:

"The Five Elements" is a rich and evocative shamanic journey though the worlds of the five elements- Earth, Wind, Water, Ether and Fire. Concluding with a gong bath entitled "Worm Moon Rising", this music is intended for deep reflection, meditation, ecstatic dance and other spiritual practices.

The journey begins with "EARTH", Rooted deep in the primitive earth, this movement uses instruments such as the didgeridoo, gongs, conch shells, [thunder stick], duduk, djembe, shamanic drum and primitive vocal sounds to give us a firm ground for our journey. This movement is also good for grounding and rooting practices and is surprisingly good accompaniment for dinner.

The second movement, entitled "Wind, Storm, Water" is a journey taking us from the world above of air to the world below of water. Beginning light and high in the air, instruments like bells, wind chimes, flutes, crystal harp, bird calls and whistles take us far up in the sky into the world of the birds.

The bridge between air and water is depicted by the thunderstorm. beginning with a few drops, gradually and inexorably the storm develops into a strong gale, with instruments such as the rain stick, ocean drum, gongs and African and shamanic drums providing the force of the storm and a primitive rain dance.

As the thunderstorm recedes and peace returns to our journey, we next enter the world of water, a peaceful and calm world portrayed by the Hapi Drum, Indian Udu drum, and the Tibetan water bowl evoking gently flowing water.

The next movement "Ether", continues the journey, this time into the vast unformed emptiness of pure consciousness. Crystal bowls and Tibetan prayer bowls are the only instruments in this section.

The final element, "FIRE!", is a primitive celebration by the firelight. With a faint crackle of fire in the background, we use African drums, flutes, vocals, bass, accordion, woodblock and trumpet to bring our journey through the Five Elements to a joyous conclusion.

Rounding out the album is a healing gong bath entitled "Worm Moon Rising". Featuring One Love gong master Martha Collard and Red Doors Studio's collection of 18 Kundalini gongs (the largest such collection in Asia), this gong meditation was recorded in March 2017 as the Native American "Worm Moon" was rising into fullness.

About One Love:

Formed in 2016, One Love is a Hong Kong based contemporary and New Age music collective. With members coming from many cultures and bringing a vast and diverse set of musical languages and life experiences to the music, One Love intends to uplift, inspire and transform the world with the power of vibration.


Farley (USA): Concept, composition, audio engineering and production, bass, vocals, ocarina, ocean drum, conch, shofar, tubular bells, shaker, whistling, palms, udu drum

Kaze Afritude (Cameroon): Composition, Vocals, Djembe, Hapi Drum, wind chimes, bird whistles, hands

King Luk (Hong Kong): Didgeridoo, Vocals, woodblock, bubble wrap, rattles and shakers, leaves, Tibetan dancing bowl, album art

Seraphim (Ukraine): Composition, accordion, duduk, djembe, whistling, crystal harp, palms, conch, vocals, hands

Paramgian (USA): Composition, gongs, conch, hands, primitive flute, rain stick, crystal and Tibetan bowls

Recorded at Red Doors Studio in Hong Kong, March 2017.

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer is a musician, coach, philosopher and explorer committed to the pursuit of excellence, true artistic expression, self and universal discovery and the greater good.

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One Love's "The Five Elements" Album Release
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