New DJ Josué Song Release- Sunny Beach by Moonlight

Today I am very happy to release the first song by DJ Josué in two and a half years, Sunny Beach by Moonlight. It’s a song about a moment from 2012 when I was spending the summer in Bulgaria before my move to Hong Kong.

I was visiting Sunny Beach, the legendary/notorious party capital of the Bulgarian seaside. Some Bulgarian friends and we had a small apartment near the beach. The first night I didn’t really understand where our location was exactly.

It was a beautiful evening, and we took a stroll down the long empty boardwalk outside our apartment over the sand dunes. Everything was quiet and still for a few minutes of walking until we suddenly came upon a parking lot. It was the parking lot for the club Briliantin and it was filled with more Lamborghinis and McLarens and other super expensive showy cars than I have ever seen in one place. Gorgeous Bulgarian girls in short dresses and high heels were prancing by arm in arm with large bald mafia guys in track suits. It was as if we had stepped into another dimension.

It’s great to finally be releasing some new original material. Sunny Beach by Moonlight is a simple little smooth 8 bar jam with some fun twists and turns. I am joined by my good friend, the very tasty tenor player Oscar Azahar. Enjoy!

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