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Meditation for "Finding our "Why?" (live)

For Week 50 of the Creativity Challenge, I am happy to release this guided meditation for "Discovering our 'Why'".

This audio recording is from August 3, 2016 and is a live study recording of the meditation I facilitated at Yoga Kuukan in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Several attendees asked for this recording after the session. So, despite less than ideal audio quality, I'd like to release it today.

The goals of this class were to find some of our deeper truths and how they can be reflected in the energies we bring to our daily life.

At the sesion, we relaxed, grounded, and asked ourselves, why am I living this life? Who am I supposed to be? In what am I in service of? How can I let that truth shine through in my daily activities?

The technique to find these answers is and intuitive one. We empty the mind, "empty our cups", and ask ourselves gently. Then we listen, look, feel and sense effortlessly for the answers.

At first the images or answers may be faint or unintelligible. Over time, if we repeat this practice more detail will come.

The answers may come in various ways: words, feelings, images, sounds, smells. Everyone is different in how they best communicate with their highest self.

What we want in life is alignment- of body, emotions, thoughts, actions and goals. Then we can be successful in the highest way.

To try it out, get comfortable and follow the easy instructions to begin to discover your higher "Why?". It's long! (90 mins!)

The image is a recent work of mine in my new art project, a sunset from Mandrem Beach, Goa, India I photographed a few years ago.

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer is a musician, coach, philosopher and explorer committed to the pursuit of excellence, true artistic expression, self and universal discovery and the greater good.

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Meditation for "Finding our "Why?" (live)
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