Icebucket- These Boots are Made For Walking

Icebucket was born in 2009 and lasted for five days during my trip to Austin for the South by Southwest music festival. SXSW, for short is absolutely awesome. In one week that year there were 1,800 bands packing the town, and everywhere you can imagine there’s a stage and a different band playing there around the clock. A must see for the music lover.

In between some great discoveries we found some time to lay down a few songs on the Stone Age multitrack recorder that I had brought down with me. We were limited in our gear, we had one microphone, a trumpet, cello, and some hand percussion including an icebucket from which the band gets its name.

This version of These Boots is my first single ever, and I think it came out pretty well. Rebecca Gindele is on vocals, Josh Gindele on cello and percussion, and I’m on trumpet and castanets. Enjoy!

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