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High Hopes' EP Release- True Friends

On May 5, 2018, we are happy to announce the release of High Hopes' debut EP, "True Friends".

These four songs were written by me, performed by Lamma Island based band High Hopes, and are intended for kids and the inner child in all of us. It's great to see an idea manifest in reality and I am very happy with these four songs. Play them for your kids please!

The songs represent songs 41-44 of the 50-50 Challenge and instruments 42 (Baroque soprano recorder, 43 (drum set), 44 (ukulele), 45 (Eb Trumpet) amd 46 (Cardboard Box with Brushes) of this monumental and overdue project. But I am almost finished!

These songs are available online everywhere. Here's the Spotify Link:


High Hopes is just a small band in the whole wide world but we have big dreams! Based on magical Lamma Island, Hong Kong, High Hopes is an independent original music project with the goal of making the world a better place by making music with a message, positive intention, love and high quality musicianship. We admit to being hippies and everyone in the band has been known to wear tie dye from time time time. But, with some of the top musical talent in Hong Kong joining the project and our vision of a kinder world of the future, we have High Hopes for the impact of our little project.

High Hopes was created in 2017 over the course of several late night ferry jams by lead singer/multi instrumentalist Miriam Ma and producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist Farley Sangels. The band expanded to include guitarist/keyboardist/composer Geof King Luk and bassist/drummer/ sound engineer Szombie, we did a few gigs, and wrote some original music. Now in 2018 we are releasing our first EP, "True Friends"!

High Hopes is delighted to release our debut EP, "True Friends", a collection of four original songs written by Farley Sangels and High Hopes and produced by Lamma Studios.

Joining Miriam, Farley, Geoff and Szombie for this project are percussion maestro Chris Polanco, bassist Jimmy Pittman, Thai saxophone prodigy Poh Chaichon Wongkham and backup vocalists Andromeda and Vera Ostroumova.

"The Lamma Island Shoes" opens the EP with a musical postcard from our home of Lamma Island. In the style of the blues, it's a song about how nice living on this magical island. It's so nice here, we aint' never get the blues on Lamma Island. Never! Actually, on Lamma Island, we don't even have real shoes! This song about flip flops features lead vocals from Miriam and Farley, island guitars by Geoff and Farley's solo on the baroque soprano recorder we all played in elementary school.

"The Sun is Shining Somewhere" came to Farley on the local beach one day when he was strumming his ukulele and looking at the clouds. It's a churchy song in 3/4 time about how even if our lives are cloudy, the sun is shining somewhere. Someone somewhere is happy and in love, and one day the sun will come back
into our lives. If we can be happy for those people far away, that makes the sun come around and shine on us even sooner, and connects us with the rest of the world through love and light. This song features Miriam's beautiful lead vocals and a nice sunny trumpet solo by Farley.

"The Magic Bean" is a song about one of our favorite beverages, cofee! There's so
many songs about romantic love, but many people love their morning cup of Joe just as much as their spouse after a while. Our Latin rock song in the style of Carlos Santana celebrates the history of cofee in the highlands of Ethiopia and the mountainsides of the Asian jungles. Featuring lead vocals by Farley, sultry second lead from Miriam, a sizzling guitar solo by Geof, and percussion by guest musician and good friend of the band Chris Polanco.

"True Friends" is the final song on the release and is a tribute to friendship. Our friends bring so much happiness to our life and help us in so many ways. So why aren't there more songs about them? "True Friends" is a gospel song, inspired overthe years of Farley and Geof's many gospel gigs back in the USA, featuring Miriam's lead vocals, legit church organ by Geof and an alto sax solo bursting
with freshness from Poh, Thailand's answer to Kenny G.


High Hopes

True Friends EP

Songs by Farley Sangels and High Hopes

Produced by Lamma Studios


The Lamma Island Shoes:

Miriam Ma: lead vocals
Farley Sangels: lead vocals, drum set, recorder, ukulele, tambourine
Geof King Luk: guitars, backing vocals
Szombie: bass, backing vocals
Vera: backing vocals
Andromeda: backing vocals

The Sun is Shining Somewhere:

Miriam Ma: lead vocals
Farley Sangels: Ubass, backing vocals, Eb trumpet
Szombie: drum set, backing vocals
Geof King Luk: piano, organ, keyboards, backing vocals
Andromeda: backing vocals

The Magic Bean

Farley Sangels: lead vocals, drum set, cardboard box
Miriam Ma: lead vocals
Geof King Luk: piano, organ, guitar, backing vocals
Szombie: bass, backing vocals
Chris Polanco: bongos, cowbell, tambourine, rattle, sleigh bells, vocal efects
Andromeda: backing vocals

True Friends:

Miriam Ma: lead vocals
Farley Sangels: drum set,
Szombie: backing vocals
Geof King Luk: organ, electric piano, piano, backing vocals
Poh Chaichon Wongkham: alto saxophone
Jimmy Pittman: bass
Chris Polanco: clave, casaba, tambourine, backing vocals
Andromeda: backing vocals

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer is a musician, coach, philosopher and explorer committed to the pursuit of excellence, true artistic expression, self and universal discovery and the greater good.

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High Hopes' EP Release- True Friends
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