Guided Meditation for Rest and Relaxation

For Week 10 of the Creativity Challenge, I would like to offer this guided meditation for rest and relaxation.

We live in a stressed out era.  Every day, it’s go-go-go, with lots of external and internal pressure, with precious little time for rest, recovery and relaxation.  This is not the optimal life strategy, as stress and overwork causes many health problems, reduced enjoyment of life, and less than optimal life performance.  Stress is a killer. We must relax to avoid it’s harmful effects.

Relaxation is very important, yet most of us don’t have a plan for how to do it.  We may have business plans, exercise plans, travel plans, money management plans, education or career plans. But almost no one I meet has a plan for relaxation.  Yet relaxation does not come naturally to most people, so that means many of us are living our lives with precious little relaxation..  Even when we are not working we often will fill out minds with mind-numbing entertainment, wasting time on our PDAs, and socializing both healthy and unhealthy. Exercise is good to de-stress the mind, but it can often stress the body.  Sleep rests the body, but the dreaming mind is just as active as the waking mind, so sleep doesn’t really rest our brains fully like meditation can.

This meditation provides a good opportunity to focus only on the goals of rest and relaxation of mind and body.   We rest and relax the body, and as a result the mind relaxes and releases our day-to-day stresses as well as the accumulated stresses and worries trapped in our bodies and minds.

Therefore please take a comfortable position and enjoy this 22 minute meditation anytime you want to feel more  calm, clear, relaxed, and energetic.  I suggest this for first thing in the morning, right before bed, and as an afternoon catnap substitute.  One further note: there are binaural beats included so headphones are suggested, as well as eye covering. Enjoy!

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