GodZira is an original tune on my DJ Josue album No Visa Required. I started working on this tune while on a layover in Tokyo. Bleary-eyed and jetlagged, I started daydreaming about those old Godzilla movies from Japan, the ones where Japanese people scream, “Ahhh, Godzira!” before the monsters terrorize and eat the people and then fight each other, smashing the city up in the process. Apparently the monsters in the Pacific were enraged by nuclear tests in their neighborhoods.

In my jetlagged state I decided to make this song in tribute to this classic genre. It is the musical story of a monster fight. Different monsters come out, rumble, and eventually settle differences and decide to peacefully co-exist. Solos are by me on the conch shell and piccolo trumpet. Special thanks go to rock tuba icon Aaron McCalla for providing very creative monster sounds.

04 GodZiRa!!

Dig it? You can pick up the album at CD Baby or on iTunes.

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