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Annoucing the Release of "You Too Can Play Music!" E-Learning Course

I have been a little bit slow on releasing for the Creativity Challenge lately, because I have been working on a big E-learning series which I am now delighted to release.

The name of the course is "You Too Can Play Music! The Ten Principles of Learning Music That Most Teachers Don't Teach, for Beginning and Amateur Musicians". It's designed to be a fun, enjoyable, stress free and very effective way for us to learn how to play music in a natural way.

This course focuses on understanding and development of ten essential yet rarely taught fundamental principles of music. These principles are organized around the basic fact that since music is a language, we should learn music in the same way that we learn language. If we approach music learning this way we can learn it just like we learned our first language as children- quickly, easily, without stress and to a high degree of mastery.

The course format is divided up into 12 modules, 1 for each of the Ten Principles as well as introductory and concluding modules. Each module contains a video summary of the principle in question and several exercises to integrate the principle in question. The exercises are the heart of the course. Music, like all skills, is learned by doing.

This course will be useful to all of those who wish to improve their musicianship, from total beginners to seasoned pros. However, this course was primarily designed to be used by amateurs and beginners.

I meet many people who love music and want to learn how to start playing, yet they think it is too difficult or they don't have the "talent". I meet many people who have tried to learn to play an instrument yet have not succeeded because they or their teachers did not understand these principles. I also see far too many kids and music students whose great inner love for music is gradually killed by mainstream music education. I want to help these people. That's why I made this course.

So since it's 10 Principles, 12 modules, and has dozens of exercises, I am making this release Weeks 39-48 of the Creativity Challenge.

Unlike most of my other work, this course does have a price tag- $88.88 USD. The official launch date of the series will be August 1, but if you'd like to pre-order and get started, you can get it for 37.5% off at $55 now.

I hope this will be helpful!

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer is a musician, coach, philosopher and explorer committed to the pursuit of excellence, true artistic expression, self and universal discovery and the greater good.

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Annoucing the Release of "You Too Can Play Music!" E-Learning Course
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