Acoufunkture EP Release: Funktuality

Today I am happy to announce the release of our band Acoufunkture's first original material in the form of our first 3 song mini-EP! We have playing together for four years now and it was long overdue to produce some original material. So one afternoon when we had a last minute gig cancellation we came over to Lamma Studios and sat around my living room and recorded these songs.

The 3 songs are written by Richard Kimber and produced by me, and represent songs 17-19 in the 50-50 Challenge and instruments 18 (tenor P-Bone "James Morrison" on "You and Me" and 19 (shaker on "I Wanna Stop Right Now" and 20 (Organ on "Everybody"). The release also includes Soujit Guitar's debut on banjo, which he learned how to play the day we recorded. The songs are available (or will be soon) on all online outlets and you can listen to them on Youtube for free here:

"You and Me"

Richard Kimber, songwriting, vocals, ukulele
Soujit Guitar, guitar
De Kai, cajon, bongos
Farley, trumpet, tenor P-Bone, Ubass, audio production


Richard Kimber, songwriting, vocals, guitar
Soujit Guitar, banjo
De Kai, cajon
Farley, trumpet, Ubass, organ, audio production

"I Wanna Stop Right Now"

Richard Kimber, songwriting, vocals, guitar
Soujit Guitar, baritone ukulele
De Kai, cajon
Farley, trumpet, shaker, Ubass, audio production

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