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50-50 Challenge #3: Blues for Modern Life

For Song #3 of the 50-50 Challenge and instruments #5-7 I am happy to release "Blues for Modern Life" by Farley's Angels. Written by my bandmate Andromeda Wong and inspired by Hong Kong, it's a blues song with a down home bluegrass twist about the modern world.

Andromeda's song is a pretty harsh critique of modern life if you listen carefully and personally I think her criticism is very justified. But I will let the music speak for itself.

Songs #1-3 make up Farley's Angels' mini-EP "First Originals" and is available online at all major retailers. Listen now on Spotify!

If you prefer, here is a Soundcloud link.


This song includes instruments #5 of the Challenge, "Coco" the string bass, a solo on "Richard Kimber" the purple plastic alto trombone, and #7, "Farley" on backup vocals. I know the backup vocals are a bit of a stretch to count as an instrument, but vocal part singing is a real challenge and took me several years to be able to learn how to sing harmony parts.


Andromeda Wong: Songwriting, lead vocals, ukulele
Farley: Double bass, alto trombone, backup vocals, music production
Candace Lee: Cajon, backup vocals
Shirley Magic: Piano, backup vocals

This is Coco's recording debut. She was the instrument that started everything in terms of my multi-instrumental development.

Richard Kimber is named after my Acoufunkture bandmate and is a great little horn. Alto trombone playing is super fun and easy for me and my trumpet embouchure.

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer

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50-50 Challenge #3: Blues for Modern Life
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