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2084 and Lamma Studios Release: Chakra Zero

Lamma Studios is excited to announce the release of “Chakra 0: A Shamanic Symphony” on September 18, 2018.

Chakra Zero is a large scale instrumental and vocal work composed by Joshua MacCluer (www.joshuamaccluer.com) and performed by avant garde electro-shaman collective 2084 (www.lammastudios.com/2084).

Chakra Zero is a work of epic performances, with 6 movements spanning 53 minutes. The movements are entitled “Attunement”, “The Hunt Within”, “Songs of the Old Masters”, “Lament of the Inner Child”, “Attainment” and “Release”. With an orchestra of bells, bowls, gongs, voices, flutes, trumpets, percussion, drums, handpans, didgeridoos, and other instruments the 85 track work is the fruit of the musical contributions of 2084’s core members and several guest artists.

Chakra Zero is powerful, deep and meaningful. A minimalist symphony, the symphony is based on the note Bb (in the context of A=432HZ) and intended to help the listener make energetic connection to the ground of the Earth through the very important and often neglected foot chakra or energy center sat the base of the feet.

Here's links to listen at Spotify and Soundcloud.

For best results, it is recommended that this work be listened to in a meditative or resting state with high quality headphones or sound system. Empty your mind and let the energy flow naturally. Please also avoid listening to this while driving or operating other heavy machinery as it may cause drowsiness or other reactions.


“Chakra Zero: A Shamanic Symphony”
Music composed by Joshua MacCluer
Performance by 2084
Audio production by Farley Sangels at Lamma Studios



Farley Sangels: Tibetan bells, crystal bowls, handbell, gongs, trumpet, piccolo trumpet, vocals, synthesizers, shaman drum, thunder tube, rattles, Ubass, alto trombone

Geoff King Luk: gongs, vocals, piano, synthesizers, electric guitar

HakGwai Lau: vocals, digeridoo, shaman drum, mouth harp, shakers, rattles, flutes, handpan

Ola Milena: vocals

Guest Artists:

Rose Winebrenner: vocals

Pragnya Wahklu: vocals

Tombo de Ladiera: Berimbao

Kaze Afritude: vocals, djembe

Vera Ostramunova: vocals

Seraphim: vocals, duduk

Nate Wong: drum set

Andy Szombathy: assistant producer

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer

Joshua MacCluer is a musician, coach, philosopher and explorer committed to the pursuit of excellence, true artistic expression, self and universal discovery and the greater good.

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2084 and Lamma Studios Release: Chakra Zero
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