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Video- I See the Sun by Two Cities One World

Posted by on Nov 21, 2015 in Music Production, Rock, The Creativity Challenge, Videos | 0 comments

For Week 13 of the Creativity Challenge I am very happy to share this music video of the original song “I See the Sun” by the band Two Cities One World. TCOW features my good friends Jared and Anna and is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Jared is an American guy and Anna is a Bulgarian girl and they are married and have a very nice personal and musical relationship.  They are very creative and are always writing songs, making art and doing many other creative things. “I See the Sun” is a chill beach song, about two people in love who are far apart from each other. They are...

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The Hong Kong Brass Quintet Plays Killer Tango

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Chamber Music, The Creativity Challenge | 0 comments

Today for Week 12 of the Creativity Challenge my colleagues and I of the Hong Kong Brass Quintet are pleased to release this live performance video.  It comes from our performance on RTHK’s Morning Brew with Phil Whelan on November 2, 2015, playing Killer Tango by Sonny Kompanek. The HKBQ has been in existence for three years now and we all enjoy playing together very much.  It’s a welcome departure from the orchestra brass playing paradigm, and very nice to play some real melodies and extended passages of music together.  For more from this group please visit our Facebook page...

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Meditation from Thaïs for Trumpet and Guitar)

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Chamber Music, Classical Trumpet, The Creativity Challenge | 0 comments

Today for week 11 of the Creativity Challenge I am pleased to present this video of myself and great friend and music colleague Soujit Ghosh on this version of Massanet’s Meditation from Thais, arranged for trumpet and guitar.  It’s a beautiful piece, and a favorite of mine and Soujit’s as we both love meditation.  I recorded this track previously on my album Elevation.  Sometimes when I am in the parks of Hong Kong I see the old Chinese guys doing qigong while listening to this track on their little radios.  However it’s always a version with the violin.  I hope...

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Guided Meditation for Rest and Relaxation

Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Coaching, Meditation, The Creativity Challenge | 0 comments

For Week 10 of the Creativity Challenge, I would like to offer this guided meditation for rest and relaxation. We live in a stressed out era.  Every day, it’s go-go-go, with lots of external and internal pressure, with precious little time for rest, recovery and relaxation.  This is not the optimal life strategy, as stress and overwork causes many health problems, reduced enjoyment of life, and less than optimal life performance.  Stress is a killer. We must relax to avoid it’s harmful effects. Relaxation is very important, yet most of us don’t have a plan for how to do...

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Just the Two of Us

Posted by on Oct 26, 2015 in Rock, The Creativity Challenge, Videos | 0 comments

Today for Week #9 of the Creativity Challenge I am happy to present this little video of Just the Two of Us, the great Bill Withers classic.  This is my second attempt at playing the bass and singing, with band mates Carlos, Andromeda and Brian.  We got this new band together for the first time on Saturday and in a couple hours whipped this up on the terrace.  Enjoy!

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