Brain Brew: Vegan Supercoffee

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I love my morning coffee.  This morning, while listening to Mozart and sipping a delicious cup of Brain Brew I would like to share with the world the recipe for this delicious supercoffee.  Developed over several years by dedicated team of coffee scientists including yours truly it is delicious and nutritious substitute for breakfast with several important health and performance benefits. I drink Brain Brew in the mornings instead of breakfast. This substitution helps give me more energy, mental focus, improved memory, and washboard abs. I highly recommend replacing breakfast with Brain...

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Team Up with Your Shadow to Defeat Performance Anxiety and Find the Power of True Self-Expression

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Many musicians, public speakers, actors and other performers struggle with performance anxiety. In this post (Week 30 of the Creativity Challenge) I would like to share a very useful technique for managing this common fear. Used correctly, this technique will help us overcome the fear of the judgement of others and express ourselves freely in performance. This technique comes from Stutz and Michaels’ excellent book The Tools. I highly recommend this great book, which contains easily understandable explanations of the 5 “Tools” developed by the authors to help us overcome...

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Principles of Auditions, Part Three: The Big Day

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This is the third and final installment of my series on orchestra audition principles, tips, and tricks. Today (Week 29 of the Creativity Challenge) covers Audition Day. For Part One covering general philosophy click here, and for Part Two on preparation, click here. Finally the big day has finally arrived! After a thorough, relaxed and joyful preparation, we are now ready to go play. Yet there are still many pitfalls for us to avoid and many opportunities to stand out from the crowd. We can never guarantee that what we do will result in victory but we can do our best to get in the best...

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Principles of Auditions – Part Two: The Preparation Process

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In this second installment of my audition series, and for Week 28 of the Creativity Challenge I would like to share some techniques and tips for preparing for orchestra auditions. For Part One which considers general audition philosophy please click here. Quality preparation is key to any successful performance. Any good coach will tell you that most of the winning of any sports contest will be in the preparation. For John Wooden, widely considered the greatest basketball coach of all time, the outcome of a competition was largely decided in practice leading up to the game. While we are...

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Principles of Auditions – Part One: General Audition Philosophical Principles

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Auditions are a fact of life today in the classical music world. They are almost always required for getting orchestra jobs and into universities and festivals, yet are quite different than regular music playing. Therefore so it is an essential skill for successful classical players to master for a successful career. I did a lot of auditioning over my career, and in the end took almost 100 auditions! I was fairly successful and won 10-20 percent of them, depending on how you count. Yet looking back on my auditioning days now I realize that I was not even close to my true optimal performance...

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