Farley’s Angels and Andromeda Play Sympathique

Posted by on Feb 8, 2016 in Farley's Angels, farley's angels, Music Production, The Creativity Challenge, Videos | 0 comments

Here’s another video of Farley’s Angels, of Andromeda’s feature song Sympathique. Thanks again to Brian Hankey for shooting and editing and to the girls for being such angels. This is also my submission for Week 24 of the Creativity Challenge. Enjoy!

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Farley’s Angels Play Mustang Sally – Video

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Today I am very pleased to share this video of my band Farley’s Angels playing Mustang Sally. This video came out great thanks to the rapid artistic improvement of the band in recent months and the excellent camerawork and editing by Brian Hankey. Thanks Angels and Brian for helping me with this fun Week 23 submission of the Creativity Challenge!

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Farley’s Angels Plays Fever

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To promote Farley’s Angels’ gig this Thursday and for Week 22 of the Creativity Challenge, we are happy to release this video of Fever. Shirley Whing Chow sets the cajon aside and follows her heart to sing this seductive version of Fever. See everyone this Thursday evening at Peel Fresco in Hong Kong!

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Farley’s Angels Play Sunny

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Rock, The Creativity Challenge, Videos | 0 comments

Farley’s Angels is a new amateur band I have been playing with recently with my good friends Andromeda, Shirley and Candace. We are enjoying very much playing music together and the band is progressing very nicely. For Week 21 of the Creativity Challenge and to promote our upcoming gig on Jan 28 at Peel Fresco in Hong Kong, I am pleased to present this video of us playing Sunny.

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The Foundational Importance of Foot Health

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Let’s hear it for some unsung heroes of life, our feet! Yes, our feet. One of our most important body parts, the foot is also one of the most under appreciated. So let’s appreciate our feet! Our feet are our foundation. They connect us with the ground physically and energetically and form the base of our standing and walking support. Life begins with our feet. Just like the foundation of a building or the bass player in a great band, we may not notice our feet while they are working well. Almost no one walks into a tall strong building and looks down and says, “Wow,...

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